About ABC Alphabet Photo

ABC ALPHABET PHOTO’S resident photographer, Michelle Rzepa’s keen eye to see beyond the obvious, specializes in creating unique black and white photographs resembling letters of the alphabet from objects in her everyday environment. Michelle’s photographs offer the viewer a different visual perspective of the objects surrounding them. Michelle’s photographic abilities, artistic talent and most importantly her passion to provoke and arouse one’s individual awareness to see beyond the obvious have caused Michelle to be considered one of the best in this unique style of photography. Michelle’s photographic talents create letters that are easily distinguishable to the viewer.

Michelle continually photographs objects within the various communities thru-out New England  as she travels to and from ART SHOWS. Numerous photographs never make it into her collection.  It is not the quantity of photos that end up making her collection unique and desirable but rather the QUALITY of her photographs.

Whether it is a “Personalized” gift for yourself, a friend, or family member, you can be sure to find it here at ABC alphabet photo, where the customer is always  treated like family. Your artwork comes with a  100% money-back guarantee, no question asked policy.

You can also visit and shop with us at various ART SHOW LOCATIONS, STORE LOCATIONS, by phone at 603-991-9120 or by email at info@abcalphabetphoto.com

100% Money Back Guarantee